What is Mobile Friendly?

With the growth and common usage of Smartphones, having your Website optimised for Smartphones is important but not sufficient. As a Website owner we must ensure you provide the highest experience possible regardless of how a person gets to the website. Considering a persons time and effort levels when using a mobile is what makes your website considered Friendly.

Do i need a Mobile Friendly Website?

We believe that some websites are not prime targets for a person who is mobile, we don't believe every website in the world should be considered Mobile Friendly. If your a business that attracts foot traffic or information thats relevant to a person on the move, then you should have a Mobile Friendly Website.

Why work with Mooged?

At Mooged we spent the time considering what made a website friendlier from a smart phone and worked backwards to ensure it was easy for a Mobile Website owner to Administer and provide the optimal solution for their market.

How long does it take to make a Mobile Website?

Using Mooged, we believe that you can have your optimal website, styled and with content in less than 1 hour. Making it Live is as simple as adding a small snippet of code to your existing website. Then anyone from a modern smartphone will experience your Mobile Friendly Website, ensuring the client gets the information they desire while on the move.

What are the Costs?

We offer a Free solution all the way to a comprehensive, All you can want solution. Just pop over to our Plans page, or get in touch for more information